The Benefits

Why take Heatwave?

When one considers all the time, effort, training and money spent preparing for a race, that can run into the thousands, it makes no logical sense to risk this all, for a small investment in Heatwave, that can prevent you from a muscle cramp, allowing you to finishing the race.

Heatwave is a scientifically proven formula, developed by leading scientists and a Nobel peace prize winner, giving you the peace of mind that Heatwave is backed by credible research.

Heatwave should be considered the best insurance investment you could make against muscle cramps.

    Heatwave In most cases can prevent a muscle cramp before they start.
    Heatwave can alleviate a muscle cramp once it starts.
    Heatwave can accelerate muscle recovery post-race.

Push harder, train longer?

Feb 2018 - During the latest study conducted in the USA, 288 endurance and non-endurance athletes used Heatwave's proprietary formula shot over a two-week period. Respondents reported noticeable results using the formulation as both a preventative and reactive solution:

  • 84% felt less muscle soreness
  • 92% felt less muscle pain
  • 88% said their next day workouts were better because they felt less muscle soreness

  • "It has changed the way I train, allowing me to push myself harder," said Amy Cragg, former Olympian and Marathoner. "I am no longer held back by muscle pain, cramping or soreness."

    Cragg's training partner and 2017 New York City Marathon winner, Shalane Flanagan, counts on the sport shot with a kick to keep her training on schedule. "I bounce back quickly after long, hard sessions, and I feel much better on my recovery runs," Flanagan said.

    Invented by a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist and endurance athlete.Heatwave is a sports shot with a kick, that is scientifically proven to prevent and treat muscle cramps. Its kick-ass proprietary formulation is designed to help keep an athlete's nerves and muscles working together in an optimal way and to aid in muscle recovery, allowing athletes to push harder, finish stronger and recover faster.

    About the Study:
    The study, conducted by AcuPoll Precision Research, was comprised of 288 individuals, 60% non-endurance athletes and 40% endurance athletes. During the two-week trial of incorporating the sports shot into their workout regimen, each participant was asked to respond to a series of questions about their experience and its effect on muscle cramps and soreness.