The Science

The Science of Heatwave

A motor neuron is the nerve cell that connects the spine (nervous system) to the muscle. The most recent research suggests that cramping results from hyper-excitability of nerve cell communication, that results in a failure of neuro-muscular control.

Muscle contraction is controlled by electrical nerve impulses from nerves in the spinal cord to the motor neuron, which activates the muscle. If the motor neuron becomes hyperexcited, it essentially keeps telling the muscle to contract again and again and again (i.e. cramping)

By utilizing the TRP ion channels located in the mouth, oesophagus and stomach, the complex formulation in Heatwave, stimulates the nerve signals to the spinal cord which inhibit and overpower the repetitive over excited impulses coming to and from the cramping muscle, thereby restoring normal function.


Step by step process

Step 1 - Drinking Heatwave stimulates sensory neurons (nerve cells) in the mouth, oesophagus and stomach.
Step 2 - Stimulated neurons sends signals to the spinal cord.
Step 3 - Heatwave interrupts the persistent firing of motor neurons through chemical neurostimulation.
Step 4 - This stops repetitive signals and prevents and/or treats the cramp.


Above is a simplified explanaton of how TRP ion channels work. Here is a look at how complex this process is.