The Research

Research studies behind Heatwave

Heatwave's proprietary formulation has been in development for 12 years. Proven to work through in-vivo clinical research and in field studies.
Heatwave has been shown to significantly reduce muscle-cramp intensity and duration compared to placebo and has also been associated with lower post-cramp muscle soreness.



Not just about cramps

In the latest USA study (Feb 2018), both endurance and non-endurance athletes indicated that muscle soreness and muscle pain can be reduced effectively by using the product before or after a workout. This now proves that you can push harder and train longer with Heatwave.

Respondents reported noticeable results using the formulation as both a preventative and reactive solution:

  • 84% felt less muscle soreness
  • 92% felt less muscle pain
  • 88% said their next day workouts were better because they felt less muscle soreness

  • Translation:
    Heatwave is a sports shot with a kick, that is scientifically proven to prevent and treat muscle cramps. Its proprietary formulation is designed to help keep an athlete's nerves and muscles working together in an optimal way and to aid in muscle recovery, allowing athletes to push harder, finish stronger and recover faster.
    For those inclined, here is a summarised scientific explantion how heatwave aids in muscle recovery.

    About the Study:
    The study, conducted by AcuPoll Precision Research, was comprised of 288 individuals, 60% non-endurance athletes and 40% endurance athletes. During the two-week trial of incorporating the sports shot into their workout regimen, each participant was asked to respond to a series of questions about their experience and its effect on muscle cramps and soreness.

    muscle recovery chart