How it Works

How does Heatwave work?

Sensations like pain, taste, warmth or coldness, are made possible by TRP ion channels which are located all over the body and in particular in the mouth, oesophagus and stomach. Think of a TRP (pronounced TRiP) channel like a sensor on your car. These sensors facilitate highly complex communication signals throughout the body.

When a muscle cramps, it is not the muscle cramping but rather the nerves to the muscle that are overloaded with confused excited signals that causes the muscle to spasm.

Research has shown that ingesting naturally occurring spice compounds found in Heatwave, reduces the intensity and/or duration of muscle cramps by interrupting the persistent firing of motor neurons (nerve signals) through chemical neuro-stimulation. (when small molecules stimulate the nervous system).

It took leading scientists, to make the connection between TRP ion channels and Neuro Muscular Excitation, a connection that is now helping athletes avoid the pain and frustration of muscle cramps.