• What is in Heatwave?

    HEATWAVE is a sports shot with a proprietary formulation that stimulate TRP channels in sensory nerves of the mouth, oesophagus, and stomach. Learn more about TRP channels here. HEATWAVE contains filtered water, cane sugar, organic gum arabic, organic lime juice concentrate, pectin, natural sea salt, natural flavour, organic stevia extract, organic cinnamon, organic ginger and organic capsicum.

  • Why does HEATWAVE have a Kick?

    The kick comes from the scientifically proven formulation of organic spice extracts. These are the active ingredients that make HEATWAVE the breakthrough sports shot that really works. By stimulating TRP channels in the sensory nerves located in your mouth, oesophagus and stomach, HEATWAVE prevents neurons from misfiring, and stops muscle cramps before they start. HEATWAVE tastes even better cold. Learn more about TRP channels here.

  • How is HEATWAVE different from other muscle cramp products?

    HEATWAVE is the only scientifically proven solution to prevent and treat muscle cramps. Unlike existing “remedies” that target the muscle, HEATWAVE stops muscle cramps where they start – at the nerve. Originally Invented by Dr. Rod MacKinnon, a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist, the formula used in HEATWAVE is the result of years of scientific research and testing. Not only is HEATWAVE a breakthrough sports shot, it’s the cornerstone for a new category in sports performance nutrition called Neuro Muscular Stimulation (NMS).

  • How do I know HEATWAVE does not contain any prohibited substances?

    HEATWAVE is suitable for all sportsman as it only contains food ingredients. The HEATWAVE formula is used by amongst others, NFL athletes in the USA. HEATWAVE is manufactured in an ISO9001, GmP facility that is registered and audited by the Department of Health and has a MCC rating. That’s a good thing.

  • How does HEATWAVE work?

    Muscle cramps don’t start in your muscles. They start in your nerves. They happen when your neurons get hyper-excited and blast your muscles with repetitive and uncontrollable signals. HEATWAVE'S proprietary formulation of organic ingredients goes straight to the nerve. By stimulating TRP channels in the sensory nerves located in your mouth, oesophagus and stomach, HEATWAVE prevents neurons from misfiring, boosts your Neuro Muscular Stimulation (NMS) and stops muscle cramps before they start.

  • What is Neuro Muscular Stimulation (NMS)?

    Neuro Muscular Stimulation NMS), is a new category in sports performance nutrition. It refers to the physical performance enabled by the continuous, consistent, and closely integrated function of nerves and muscles. Or more simply put, NMS is how an athlete’s nerves and muscles work together in an optimal way. HEATWAVE boosts your NMS to stop muscle cramps by treating the nerve. So you can push harder, train longer and finish stronger. And that’s just the beginning of NMS. Beyond muscle cramps, our scientists, are currently evaluating other potential HEATWAVE benefits.

  • What is the scientific evidence behind HEATWAVE for muscle cramps?

    HEATWAVE's formulation of strong TRP activators has shown a statistically significant reduction in muscle cramp intensity compared to placebo in two distinct muscle cramp models:

    1) electrically-induced muscle cramps; and
    2) an innovative new model developed by Penn State University to measure exercise-associated muscle cramps.

    A field study of cramp-prone endurance athletes who consumed HEATWAVE's formulation 15-30 minutes before their normal training sessions showed a greater than 50 percent reduction in the frequency of exercise-associated muscle cramps during and after exercise compared to the observed baseline frequency. In addition, the athletes reported a quicker return to training when a cramp episode did occur.

  • When should I drink HEATWAVE?

    We recommend drinking HEATWAVE 15-30 minutes before any athletic exercise, to prevent muscle cramps.
    To treat muscle cramps, drink at the first sign of cramping.
    You can also drink HEATWAVE after exercise to prevent post-exercise cramping.
    To relieve muscle pain and soreness and aid in muscle recovery, drink a 50ml HEATWAVE after training session or race. Then the next day, drink one in the morning & evening, and again the dy after

    For best results, avoid food or beverages that may coat your mouth – such as peanut butter, protein shakes or dairy – 10 minutes before drinking HEATWAVE. A clean palate allows HEATWAVE to activate the TRP channels in the sensory nerves in your mouth. Tastes even better cold.

  • Should I drink HEATWAVE all at once?

    Yes, if you want the best results. Years of testing proved scientifically that a 50ml bottle of HEATWAVE is what prevents and treats muscle cramps if consumed all at once, no sipping. And since HEATWAVE is made with organic ingredients that are all GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), there’s no restriction on the number HEATWAVE bottles you can drink, however there is no need to exceed 4 units a day.

  • Can I drink Heatwave while pregnant?

    As heatwave is not a medicine, safety during pregnancy has not been evaluated.
    All Heatwaves ingredients are natural food items and therefore should be safe during pregnancy, unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients. The ingredient listing can be viewed here
    If you are unsure in anyway, we recommend you consult with your medical practitioner.

  • Where can I buy HEATWAVE?

    Purchase HEATWAVE online from our website. Order Now.
    To become a distributor click here