About Heatwave

What is Heatwave?

Heatwave is a scientifically proven shot-drink that has undergone human clinical trials proving its effectiveness in not only preventing and stopping muscle cramps, but aiding in muscle recovery post excercise or race. This dual action formula is a must for any athlete across all disciplines

A new understanding of what causes muscles to cramp, brought about a revolutionary change in how one treats them. After many years formulating the correct combination of natural chemical compounds, Heatwave is proud to present a product that levels the playing field, allowing all athletes to... Finish the Race.


But, I don't suffer with cramps

In the latest USA study (Feb 2018), both endurance and non-endurance athletes indicated that muscle soreness and muscle pain can be reduced effectively by using the product before or after a workout. This now proves that you can push harder and train longer with Heatwave.
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